Today at Grace Church we had our annual baptism service and picnic at Alum Creek State Park.  My experience with baptism growing up was that it was always done by a pastor and indoors.  This is not wrong but I have been so blessed since I have been at Grace Church to see those who were key disciplers or chosen by the person being baptized to “triple dip” em.  It is so powerful to watch someone be baptized outside and picture a similar commitment and profession by early believers. 

I had the privilege to baptize my good friend Luke Reinstetle today and look on as he baptized his wife.  They have such a neat testimony how God used health issues to not only bless them with their son but turn them to him.

I also got to baptize Taylor Evans.  Taylor is a HSM success story who has really grown in her faith and looked to minister to those around her. I am so excited to see how she effects her high school this year.




2 thoughts on “OUTDOOR BAPTISM DAY

  1. Can I just say how passionate I am about outside baptisms??? I was baptized in a pretty dirty lake in upstate NY & just had the amazing opportunity to see 70 people from my church baptized at 6 am on a Sunday on a Lake Michigan city beach. Incredible!

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