A couple weeks ago, we had the funeral for Kristin’s grandma Bev Kraft.  She was a geat woman and so much fun to joke with. I don’t think I ever thought I would come to know and love one of my grandmother-in-laws as much as I did her.

When I started dating Kristin she was so accepting and loving from day one. I like to think it is because she is  good judge of character (arrogant joke) but the truth is that I was just a high school tool and she loves people.

As with any funeral it was a bittersweet day.  It was a great service to look back and remember and great to be with family and hear stories.  There was lots of laughing and crying. 

I went and visited her in the hospital when she first went in. she had some tubes in but she was coherent and could mouth words. I prayed with her spent some time with her.   I thanked God for her decision to follow Christ and begin that legacy to her family.

If she hadn’t decided to follow Christ her daughter wouldn’t have, and her daughter wouldn’t have.  And if that daughter hadn’t I would have the wonderful wife I do.  I hope I can leave a family legacy behind of a family that loves and serves Christ. I hope that I can look at my kids and my kids’ kids and see that they know God and are seeking his will.

I am living in Bev Kraft’s legacy.




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