I have been doing a lot of posts lately mentioning Operation Barnabas.  Yesterday we had all three teams at Grace Church to run the morning services.  To say that it went well or was an encouragement to our people would be an understatement.  It was a great morning that I know will serve as a springboard to our church taking ownership as we host OB orientation next year and students going on OB for years to come.

All this OB talk got me thinking about my OB experience in high school. I went on OB 9 years ago as a 17 year old.  At the time I thought my team was the best ever and still do.  I remember the leaders telling us that we would know what kind of OB team we were in 10 years.  I know it is only 9 but I decided to cheat a little and stack up some things. 

I know that being in full time ministry doesn’t make you any more special or spiritual than others, but I am just really proud of my team and many I still call friends as they serve God and try to live out there faith and calling.

Check out this list from my OB team and if anyone has updates just let me know

  1. Jeremy Byng-Worship Pastor-Grace Community Church-Goshen, IN
  2. Bethany (Liston) Solyntjes-Worship Director-Western Reserve Grace Brethren Church-Macedonia, OH
  3. Bob Steiger-GBIM Missionary-Africa
  4. Travis Turk-Director of Byer Home-Lifeline Youth and Family Services
  5. Caroline (Gorham) Edelen-Indonesian Missionary
  6. Tony Livigni-Pastor of College and Young Adults-Grace Church-Akron, OH
  7. Connie (Friddle) Pumphrey-Just finished leading the 412 Commission and heading to Virginia Beach to plant a church with her husband Mike.
  8. Rebecca Holbrook-serving as a missionary/christian school teacher in the Dominican Republic.

And last but not least…

  1. Mark Artrip-High School Pastor-Grace Church Powell, OH
  2. Kristin (Black) Artrip-serving alongside Mark at Grace Church in Powell, OH


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