• My “man crush” on Steve Fee is strong as ever
  • I taught a Sponge session (1-time, 1 hour elective)  this week.   They happened on Tuesday-Thursday before lunch.  Mine was called lovedatingsexmarriagelust!   I am pleased with how it went.  I have never taught that many people over three days so “welcome” to any new visitors from those sessions.
  • If I haven’t mentioned it yet you can check out for updates of what is going on this week and picture galleries or this blog too.
  • Got some positive feedback from the pre-session crowd openers that Dave Nicodemus and I have been doing. Wasn’t quite sure at the beginning of the week how these would be received  so it has been really encouraging.
  • Speaking of compliments, I got one today that made me blush and speechless…I hope I am affirming those younger than me like that.
  • I am super excited to get home and ramp up HSM for the fall.
  • I am super excited to get back to my soccer program.
  • I got to talk to Jeff Bogue tonight. He is speaking at Kalahari this year and I know it is gonna be sweet.  He is one of those guys I have been observing since I even realized I was going into ministry. I remember him speaking at camp before I was even in junior high when he was a young redheaded youth pastor like me.
  • I am leading worship twice next month while Phil is away and I am getting stoked with all the influences and ideas from this week.
  • Well time to go get not enough sleep to go and do it all over again.



1 thought on “MOMENTUM UPDATE 2

  1. Hey, Kalahari is getting a LOT of bad publicity on the news around here this week! They are being cited by the state for some things not being done properly I guess!?!?!? Have a fun day there……love ya!!

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