• Francis Chan. I have never seen him when he was anything but amazing. 
  • It is great to see our 9 OB students again.
  • It was even greater to see them huddled up with our group tonight and hear their hearts together.  We touched on the tip of the iceberg how we can take Micah 6:8 home.
  • Micah 6:8 is a passage that can really kick your butt when you look at some situations around the world. I am trying to decide what it means for me and HSM to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly.
  • Aaron Shust is a manly worship leader.  He has a different refreshing quality than most guys these days.
  • Having said that I am waaaaay to excited for Steve Fee to be here.  Like Francis he is gifted at putting the emphasis on God and it is exciting to be around.
  • I have a man crush on Steve Fee.  I also have one on Albert Pujols.
  • I taught a sponge session called lovedatinglustsexmarriage!  today.  I think it went well. I heard positive things. Had around 250 so I was happy with the turnout.
  • Dave Nicodemus and I are doing the pre-session openers this year. So far we have done “what would you do for a Monster?”, singing bee, and stupid human tricks. It has been tons of fun to get to interact with the conference. I would say the tricks one tonight was the most fun.
  • Sorry Mom, still haven’t put the pics up of Malachi or vacation.
  • Fighting a cold of sorts.
  • Love my new backpack and having my mac at my fingertips all day.
  • Went for a late nite milkshake run last night with some OB leaders.
  • I took a nap today. I never take naps. I think the last time I took a nap was like April.
  • Spent some quality time with my friend Doug today. Good conversation.
  • So many people here who I want to talk and catch up with….so little time.
  • Off to bed. Kristin and I are in bunk beds.  It’s like we are back in the I Love Lucy Era


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