Tonight we had an Operation Barnabas team arrive at our church.  I have been excited for this team to arrive for a couple of reasons because….

  1. I went on OB in high school
  2. I met my wife on that team in high school
  3. I met 4 guys in my wedding that summer
  4. I led OB in 2005
  5. HSM and Grace Church have 9 students on OB teams this summer
  6. I haven’t worked at a church when an OB team visited.
  7. We have some awesome ministry planned including a special needs camp, an inner city FCA camp happening at our church, and of course manual labor.
  8. I have some great friends who are leaders on this team. (It was so encouraging to hear of their summer already and see what God is teaching them and doing through them).


We are hosting OB orientation next year at our church and I am honored to train, assist, and send off 100 ministry minded high schoolers for the summer.

Stay tuned for an update of how this week goes.



  1. So, any thoughts from your vacation? New ministry insights? New tips on how to drive a jet-ski? New hip hop songs I need to check out?

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