To make room for being a dad I have had to part with some things.  My turntables got sold and my music gear is now kept in a closet so we could have a nursery.  Below is a picture of me throwing some old clothes out a couple of weeks ago.  In 2002 when I was at the peak of my ghettoness and Eminem and 8 Mile were huge I rocked this velour suit to death.  Before I gave it to goodwill I took one last pic with Malachi in his velour suit that he is quickly outgrowing.  You can take our suits, but as the pic shows we will always be thugs.

Goodbye 2002.


4 thoughts on “SAYING GOODBYE TO 2002

  1. awe, I remember that outfit…ridiculous.
    i actually wanted your musical opinion. since you, like me, have an interest in pop culture and music and what not… how do you feel about Estelle (the girl that john legend discovered like last year…)? I saw her music video with Kanye today and just didn’t know what you thought about her or if you’d heard much from her.
    Let me know what you think.

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