FALL RE-UP…thoughts for vacation

I don’t post as much as I used to, so I would say I am going on vacation but you probably won’t even notice I am gone.

Anyway, we are leaving Sunday after church for a one-week vacation.  We will be traveling to Tennessee with the Godshall’s and staying at the vacation home of a family from our church. I am very grateful for them gifting us this week.

*Side note-we stuck around because I am leading worship as well as singing/rapping a song of mine called “content” in the Sunday morning services.

Here are the things I will be working on and thinking about as we are away…they are basically how I will accomplish and sharpen our values since those are my continual job description.

  1. Staffing-Many adult volunteers will be back in the HSM family from last year but roles are changing so I am thinking and praying about who goes where.  I will ask/confirm those when I get back.
  2. Worship-Our Wednesday night gathering is our time of worship.  Dustin and I will be planning the teaching and series’ for the year.  For the first time we are using XP3.  I am also looking at how we do music and bands and rotation and all that jazz. This year I want to use the big idea concept so big that no one can leave without knowing what they heard.
  3. Growth-Our grace groups are going to get more emphasis than ever as the avenue that discipleship happens in.  I have to know that after we know the adults and the sites that they have tracks to run on to accomplish biblical truth, prayer, caring relationships, and accountability.
  4. Serving-I need to know that I am motivating and empowering high school students to serve.  This starts with a week to week foundation in our church, but expands to local and global.
  5. Outreach-I am really proud of HSM and the level of outreach that has happened in the last years.  What does it looks like to build upon that.  How can we still make a first time guest welcome in a larger group?  How do we teach so that students are equipped even more for conversational outreach?

That is what is on my mind and I would appreciate your prayers as I take a “week off” and think about this stuff. I am gonna pray through it with Kristin and not approach it until I am back in town.


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