I got the chance to go to Delaware Grace the other day and teach to their Operation Everything group.  They had me come for two days and speak about discerning media.  That is probably my favorite topic to talk about because I am passionate about it, which is probably why I get asked to do it.  I posted a summary of it once before

I am also getting a sponge session ready for the momentum conference this summer.  I am going to call it marriagelovesexdatinglust.  It will be about God’s plan for relationships, love, dating, marriage, and intimacy.  I am super excited about this one because I see this as the single biggest stumbling block that Satan uses in the lives of high schoolers.

From time to time I get to go out and speak to some outside groups.  I am no Kary Oberbrunner or anything, but it is fun.  I don’t leave my local ministry often but if it fits and I have advance notice it can be fun to see life outside my box.


1 thought on “SUMMER SPEAKING

  1. Hey! Thanks so much for comingand speaking to us at Operation Everything! I loved it and it has really changed my views on some subjects. You were so awesome. I’m going to momentum and I really hope I can take your class there! Talk to you soon 🙂

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