Back in 2002 when I was sophomore at Grace College an organization I lead put on a concert.  The concert was the Big Blue Sky tour headlined by Bebo Norman and also featured newcomers Shaun Groves and Katy Hudson.  My friend (and at that time student body president) Zach Boehm was already a Katy fan and so we knew her music more than anyone else on the other tour stops I am sure.  We all hung out with her that day and I don’t think she had ever met anyone that actually had her CD or knew her songs since she was on a ghetto label (Red Hill) which was distributed by Pamplin (which I think has since folded.  She was talented, but was only 16 at the time.

I know what it is like to be teased by your friends for liking girl signers because of my life long love of Out of Eden, so we always teased Zach. 

Zach would give me updates from time to time and I also kept tabs on her being the pop culture nerd I am.  Because her name was to close to movie starlet Kate Hudson, she began going by Katy Perry.  I think I remember hearing that she was discovered by “the Matrix” a writing production duo that among others made Avril Lavigne’s first CD huge.  They signer her and also made her the frontman/singer to their band side project.

That was last I heard of her about 3 years ago.  I now know from research on her blog (warning her blog isn’t written by the same 16 year old I met) that she was getting signed and dropped a few times and has released some singles on other albums, and soundtracks with accompanying videos.  Anyway, 4 weeks ago she showed up on the Billboard hot 100 (which I watch religiously) with a song called “I kissed a girl”. I am sure you have all heard it. She also has a song called “ur so gay” that got her name out there with an itunes EP. She is blowing up so I wanted to give you a little background on her. Here is the CD I still have in my dated collection.

Obviously I don’t support kissing girls or anything I see her doing these days, but I did find it interesting that a 16 year old who once toured with only a Taylor Guitar is now a Tila Tequila wannabe and just might have the song of the summer. 



  1. Girl singers rock! It’s too bad that for someone as crazy talented as she is, she could never break out until she sang something outrageous.

  2. Never heard of her……….but I think I saw a commercial this week that she was going to appear on some soap opera!?!?!??! Oh well…………………….

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