My friend Josh recently wrote on his blog outlining how he is officially uncool.  I have known that for years, but I think his point was based on Doug Fields theory that a youth pastor can only run on the fumes of coolness until 25.  Josh listed the ways that prove he is very uncool and I intend to do the same.

  1. I refuse to listen to music that teenagers like just because it is cool.  They all want me to get a radiou tattoo and care about screamo but it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.  Luckily there is some overlap in what I like.  Unfortunately I am so into music and hip hop culture that I find I know too much and care too much even when our tastes overlap.  Example: Student “hey Mark have you heard the new Lil Wayne song?” Mark “Yeah I read about on mtv.com mixtape Monday about a month before it hit. I also heard the remix with papoose and Bun B on youtube.”
  2. Just like Josh I quote movies that they don’t know about or care about.  The clincher was a while back when I quoted “big gulps huh guys” from Dumb and Dumber and everyone just looked at me.
  3. I have given up on dressing cool like students. I like to think that I am still pretty cool for my age, but you will see me packing a polo shirt or two for Momentum this year and even untucked that doesn’t give me much credibility.
  4. Josh said he carries a laptop everywhere like he is always working.  There are many times I carry two (Mac and PC). I also like to always a phone charger, 2 packs of gum, and an ipod with me.  Wait I think this might make me OCD?
  5. I am getting ready to shave my head in classic youth pastor fashion.  How many professions do you fit in better when you lose your hair? I just don’t have the desire to care about cutting, styling, or pretending I have hair. I want to cut my own and make it 1/32 of an inch long.
  6. I love hanging out with some of our students’ parents.  That might have something to do with me being closer to their parents’ age than theirs these days.  This one is only getting worse too as I ain’t getting younger.


4 thoughts on “I AM UN-COOL

  1. I’m feeling you on the dressing cool part. Because no matter how hard you try, you just end up looking like the youth pastor who tries too hard, and you become the “Andy Bernard” (the office) of your church.

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  3. Wow, after reading this, trying to figure out if I am even on the chart! Maybe I should start hanging with the grand parents.

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