I just read a list that makes me mad.  You know the ones that compare the “secular” music artist (that you love but aren’t allowed to listen to) to the Christian artist (that you need to pretend is similar).  These lists always suck. 

The list I just read compares Soul P to Redman and Prodigy.  First of all who makes these lists? Soul P sounds absolutely nothing like either one of those artists.  Second of all, if Soul P did sound like either one of those artists that would be sad because they are both a decade old at the least.  I mean Redman was cool with WuTang Clan in the early 90’s and hasn’t even been relevant since 1999 at best.  Prodigy on the other hand, well same dated story so just insert sarcastic banter here ___________.

Soul P is a very good artist.  He is as good as any young rapper in Christian music and yet we think we are helping or making him look relevant and respectable by comparing him to secular artists who are probably on Hollywood squares to pay the bills. Christian music has yet to accept hip hop, even though it owns the music scene and regularly owns the billboard charts and this is proof. 

Anyway, if I had to make comparisons I would say that Soul P sounds like Pharell, Kanye West, or Lupe Fiasco.  You might not agree with that, but even if you don’t at least I named rappers who are from this decade and successful so someone would actually want to listen to a rapper comparable to them!




  1. Permit me to push up my glasses as I tell you that Method Man was the one in Wu-Tang. But he and Redman were pretty much like one rapper from ’98-’02.

  2. Soul P thanks you for putting him in the same universe as Kanye…Reality is, Jesus lived IN the culture. He did not try to find a subculture in which to live. The bible does not refer to a Secular and Spiritual world. It is the world. Go inhabit it. Use it to show the Love, Grace, Mercy, and Peace that a relationship with God can bring into your life. Love your blog man, cool stuff…keep hip hop alive, even though most “Christian Hip Hop” is kinda wack.

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