Tonight was a fun night for me.  Some senior girls of ours arranged a girl’s night at the church and asked my wife to speak.  I admit I loved playing the part of proud husband.  All week we talked about what she was going to say. She practiced with me and we worked on it together. 

Compared to a “normal” Wednesday night, we switched roles.  My wife graciously has been taking care of Malachi while I speak to our group.  We try to line up childcare but sometimes in this early infant phase feeding called her away from ministry. 

Tonight I pulled daddy duty and walked the church halls with him in the stroller, held him, and put him in the rainforest bouncy seat.  My job was to give her piece of mind that he was taken care of so she could speak what God had put on her heat. I didn’t hear it all but what I heard made me proud. 

My wife is a gifted communicator and sometimes in her support of me she gives her gifts a backseat.  It was awesome to get to see her shine and be successful tonight.  We strive to minister as a pair and tonight she completed the half that I cannot. She was in the lives of girls speaking into them and I loved watching it from a distance (or hearing it from up the stairwell).  If anyone out there wants a speaker to their women or girls let me know I can get you a great price with a good looking redhead…I’ll even supply the childcare! 


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