Because Carlos challenged me with this post, I decided that I would share with the world…THE TOP 5 REASONS MY JOB IS BETTER THAN YOURS!

  1. My boss played in the NFL.  I guarantee he could take your pastor in a cage match.  He was also a collegiate All-American and has his number retired at Kentucky, but he would never brag about himself.
  2. Speaking of my boss, he hired his first associate 10 years ago and no one on our staff has ever left or been fired.  By that I mean that we are a family and I think we have one of the best staff dynamics I know of.  Here we are if you want to see us.   Sean is being sent in June to plant a church but he is the first to go and it is multiplication of our family not a bitter split!
  3. I love the facility that my church built to show that they value students and want to invest in them.  Check it out here.
  4.  I get all of this guys books for free. I can’t wait for my free copy of the next one.
  5. Every Monday we get a couples tables worth of almost expired baked goods from our local Kroger that we all “shop” from.  If that isn’t what dreams are made of than I don’t know what is.


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