We at Grace Church are getting ready to launch a college ministry service for the summer.  Before my time I am told we have tried different environments and things and nothing really took.  Here is why we are doing this now.

  1. While an aging congregation can be looked down upon, it has given us for the first time the capable numbers home during the summer.
  2. The critical mass was also helped by growth in our student ministry over the last couple of years so we are moving people to the college stage in the conveyor belt.
  3. We have the facility in our new youth room for the first time ever.
  4. We are not trying to bite off more than we can chew. We are going to do a 12 week worship service with an emphasis on testimonies, discussion, and worship.  We are not doing a ministry that will tank when everyone goes back to the college towns leaving Powell dead come September, We are not promising what we can’t deliver.

Might sound weird but it is where we are.  It is better than what we have presently and hinting at a greater purpose.  It scratches the itch and lets us test the water and minister to students we care about and don’t want to waste their summer.

I know there are many with more knowledge or a word of advice on the matter. Anyone want to offer any?


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