Today we had the chance to dedicate Malachi.  Pictures are below in a previous post, but it got me thinking.  I have been praying for Malachi a lot lately.  Kristin and I prayed for him before we were married, before he was born, and every night since his birth.  I decided to list the 5 things I pray for Malachi.

  1. Someone who loves God-It is rare that you see someone who understands a love relationship with Christ at a young aged, I am praying that will click in his mind as God draws him to Himself.
  2.  A leader- This is a selfish parent type prayer, but I want him to be an influencer of people who can use the personality and gifts God will give him to move and affect people.
  3. A musician-I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t melt if he learned to rock a piano like John Legend, or shred a guitar like John Mayer.  Hopefully I won’t force this stuff on him but I mightJ
  4. Sexually pure and respectful of women-I am a guy so I know every sin, temptation, and problem coming his way. I hope that he grows up respecting women and able to withstand and be held accountable to immorality and other temptations.
  5. A tan male model-Ok so maybe I screwed him over on the tan thing with my bad genes, but he can still be a model right?



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