I haven’t been posting too well but I must admit I like the break.  I can only catch up through the power of the bulleted list!

  • Our church is just sweet right now. So many things that have me jazzed.  People making decisions, Sacrificial giving taking place, and Summer ministry trips around the corner.
  • Speaking of ministry trips I delegated our Urban Hope trip this summer and Jim and company are doing so well I think I should let them do my job.
  • I am excited for our college students to come home. 
  • Speaking of college people we are getting ready to ramp up our first college service/ministry attempt our church has ever tried.
  • We had senior night tonight at HSM.  It was a good night to honor our elder statesmen.  I am told you become what you reward so I wanted to let our underclassmen know that they have 3-4 years to become what they want.
  • So we just found out that we have to buy an air conditioner…anyone got $2000 they want to loan me?
  • I gotta build a cornhole set. How can any decent human entertain with one?
  • Our staff got new phones yesterday. We got the Motorola Q2. I don’t want to be that guy that hates technology (and usually am not) but it is hard to like anything other than a basic phone when you know how sweet the iphone is.
  • My cousin Jesse was in town and spent the night last night.  He has been a missionary in Italy for the last 3 years but is moving home this fall to do seminary.  It was so fun just hanging out all day and goofing around like we were 12 again.
  • I haven’t shaved in a week.  I ran out of shaving cream and keep forgetting to buy it.
  • We have an Operation Barnabas team coming to our church this summer and I am excited. That is the first time since I have been at here.
  • I am getting so psyched for Momentum.  I think I have a crush on Steve Fee.
  • Well I guess I am caught up now. I do actually have some posts I have been saving up so I will try to knock those out Thursday and Friday.


Here are some great posts I am learning from and wish I had written


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