I heard a quote this week that “there are no growth barriers, only leadership barriers.”

This post will be a reflection of what I am thinking and praying through right now.

I thought I would share some of the stuff I am working on in relation to next year and the future.  I had many people who seemed to identify with my posts on my success (part 1, part 2) and my failures (part 1) in ministry.

Because of the interest I decided to take an honest look at where things are presently in my ministry. This list ranges from growing pains that are a blessing, to problems or just stuff I know is down the road. I thought I would list these since someone might be going through the same things now, come up against them down the road, or through them and able to give me and others some advice or encouragement.


  1. Middle Management-Because of numerical growth HSM must change it systems and structures so that we don’t fail in our vision.  I am realizing that to properly shepherd and oversee staff there must be a layer of middle management people.  I will shepherd and lead that middle group who will than shepherd those under them. This is a must because our current system is maxed out.  One person can only oversee a certain number until he is dropping the ball.  I refuse to let our systems or my bottleneck us because of our own inability to outreach and shepherd students.
  2. Worship Team-It is rare I meet a youth pastor who feels they have a good handle on their praise band.  As our ministry has grown so has every aspect.  I am still overseeing our praise band. I know that is not what will take it to the next level or free me up to lead in other areas.  I am trying to budget and arrange to bring on someone to take this area over next year that has the passion to drive it.
  3. Administrative help-Our ministry and church are not in the position that I will have an administrative assistant anytime soon.   This year I have used volunteer (adult and student) help.  I think that this really but I have to get my overall and advanced planning act together to the millionth degree. 
  4. What does the next step of reaching look like?-HSM has grown by 60% this year.  I am so proud of our students and yet, our Wednesday night service is not even scratching the service of who we can reach.  The fields are ripe. I wonder how we celebrate our success and yet don’t think we have “arrived” and give up.  I want to keep an urgency with our outreach and continue to push our group but I am praying about what that looks like.
  5. What will it take to mobilize our “reached” group from this year to growth?-Now that we have grown and “reached” new people this year and we also have our core group, I wonder what the next level of growth and Grace (small) groups looks like?  How do you administrate and vision cast to promote growth and community?

Some of these are not things that are new or even new to me, but they all feel new as I look at next year. The rules and setting are changing and I want to be ready and ahead of the curve.  I am praying I don’t lead our group into a barrier of growth.


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