• I am exhausted; I was at the church for 11 hours today.
  • It sure is nice to come home and spend some time making Malachi flash his dimples.
  • It is also nice to spend some time with my wife in real conversation.  We are praying about all kinds of dreams and questions marks…exciting times.
  • 40 Miles North were at our church today. They led music and gave a teaser in the morning service and than gave a concert tonight.  They were so great. I hadn’t seen them in a while and they have really cut their teeth performing.  They hit the mix between worship and concert perfectly and really encouraged our church and me.
  • I just love when I see a parent visit our church and take an interest in religious things because their child is apart of HSM.
  • Gotta knock the house to do list down this week.
  • Excited to speak to the students at Delaware Grace this week.
  • Excited to speak to some Youth workers in Northeast Ohio next week.
  • Excited to be involved with another youth ministry class at Grace College next fall.
  • Secured a great speaker for our Kalahari retreat next year. 
  • We are announcing our summer trips next Sunday to the Middle School, High School, and Parents of Teens next Sunday. 

Welp off to bed, I am struggling to still be up. 



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