This week I am seeing the unglamorous side of owning a home. Here is my to-do list

  1. Fix two leaks on roof
  2. Rake mulch beds and yard
  3. Edge all mulch beds
  4. Re-mulch those beds
  5. Trim all bushes
  6. Power wash house where it was egged
  7. Lay patio for picnic table and grille
  8. Make new steps out of walk-out basement
  9. Touch up paint all over house
  10. Re-hang two basement doors
  11. Cut and build new door into crawl space
  12. Hang Blinds in one room
  13. Hang curtains in basement
  14. Fix spouting feed

….you get the point.  It is a good thing Malachi is really cute or I could talk myself back into the apartment!


2 thoughts on “HOMEOWNER WHINING

  1. totally hear you. I am getting my stuff together and will probably have a photo-centric post this afternoon of what we are doing to our back yard…houses are a necessary evil…i suppose unless you are super rich and you just pay other people to do the work for you…

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