I am not yet 30, I do not possess a doctorate, and I am certainly not a ministry expert.  But I was thinking today that I started this blog to hopefully network and bless others the way I have been through blogs.  I was thinking about successes that I could share with others?  What decisions lead to those successes? And likewise it also got me thinking about what have been my failures and what decisions caused those also.  Over the next couple posts I will unveil the good, the bad, and the ugly thus far in my ministry career.


  1. Becoming a database NAZI-I didn’t invent check-in or databases; I have seen it done well at many places including Granger.  We don’t let students into anything we do without knowing who they are.  This isn’t because we want to delay them getting into a Wednesday night so that we can spam their email, it is so we can know them and follow up with them.  It would be nice if we could know, follow-up, and disciple every student without but a database gives us a system to track and know our people no matter how big we grow.  Behind every card that is filled out is a person who we want to know Jesus and their information can help us make that happen.
  2. Clearly stating the purpose of each aspect of our ministry-Sometimes ministries think that if they get together and do religious things that youth groups do good stuff will follow.  I have found that to be untrue.  If you aim for nothing you will hit it every time.  Early on in my ministry I realized that we had to two weekly programs that were overlapping in their audience, purpose, and results.  We quickly shifted out programming to two parts.  Now each part accomplishes our two part vision; reaching and growing.
  3. Recruiting volunteer administration help/after school interns-Most churches are not mega churches and probably don’t have a student department with multiple employees or a secretary.  I once heard a man tell me that nothing should get in the way of a vision.  He said rather than making excuses that he didn’t have a secretary or complaining he asked for volunteers.  It has worked quite well for me.  Some moms will volunteer to help for an afternoon one day a week before they would chaperone an event.  I also have had luck with a student who has early release and has been an intern. Not that is setting the bas so that other students want to do that their senior year. 
  4. Reading blogs and keeping a folder of all I find-If you are reading this I don’t have to tell you that blogs are cool.  They are the new books.  I learn so much and borrow (steal) so much everyday from blogs.  Whether it is open sourced graphics, game ideas, or sermon ideas my ministry has come to reflect sites I visit over time.  If you don’t already be conscious of what you can get online and make a habit of saving links, excerpts, and files for later down the road.



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