• Just saw a commercial that makes it look like “cool moms” get their daughters the vaccine for the HPV STD…..are you kidding me?
  • A great side effect of having a kid….Kristin watches the Bachelor online while I am at work.  I have not seen an episode yet this year…sorry to those who used my blog for anti-Bachelor sarcasm.
  • My new favorite outfit to lounge around the house in? My Kanye sweatshirt and my OSU shorts.
  • Does everyone else laugh out loud every time the redheaded guy on CSI:Miami talks?  He is like a bad Mad TV skit or something.
  • Lexi and Michayla made it here safe.  We now have a 6 month and 2 month old until Thursday
  • Jessie from Saved by the Bell is on CSI.
  • Tomorrow we are honoring Jeff Martin for 10 years on staff at Grace Church.  Jeff I hope to be like youJ
  • I need to clean the house.
  • I am speaking to some youth workers next month….I asked for some input what youth pastors would want me to talk about, but no youth pastors ever told me. I have some ideas, but want some help.  Someone help me out!



  1. yes…………your dad makes fun of Horatio every time we watch that show……….but we do watch that show on a regular basis!!!!!! Who is Jessie from Saved By The Bell??? love ya!!!!

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