• I get to wear my new shorts for some Thursday night basketball 
  • Lots of guests coming through Casa De Artrip all the time.  Tomorrow night I pick my brother and his wife up at the airport, next week Lexi (Oliver) Fretz will be here.
  • I have been watching sooo much Making the Band 4 and Rob and Big on recently.
  • Had the night off tonight and enjoyed it
  • Going to Wayne County this week for Malachi’s first world tour
  • Our neighbors brought us cookies tonight. I am praying for ways to minister and share with my new neighborhood
  • Excited about the chance to teach away from home a couple times in the next month
  • Malachi got some cool clothes that I get geeked about.  My mom bought Malachi some Superman pajamas and Josh and Chelsea bought him some Nike Shox to wear to Liberty Soccer games.
  • I have a huge homeowner/husband/father to-do list right now. Mostly stuff I have put on myself like laying a new patio to put my grille on.
  • Anyone have a bike they want to give me?
  • Malachi was in the car for like 4 hours today and handled it like a champ…that’s my little man!
  • Why is it I always want more sleep?


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