I have had a crazy couple of weeks going hard 7 days a week with compromised days off and a 13 and 8 hour Saturday.  It was a busy season and sandwiched between two major Saturday events, so while it is not a good idea month after month, I knew knew that I was going to be taking some time off this week since we cancelled Wednesday night for spring break.  I have to make sure that my wife, family, and even relationship with God get some time this week to maintain healthy balance.  That got me thinking the reasons that time off and time away is good.


  1. Time off helps us recharge.  While giving of yourself is the goal, you have to recharge sometimes.
  2. Time off makes sure that we don’t overlook certain important aspects of life.  For some it may be devotions, or calling your grandma, everyone has something important to them that they compromise and need to keep in check as life gets busy.
  3. Time off makes you better at your job when you go back.  There are certain things you cannot process or digest at your desk.  It might take an our of office lunch or a hike at a National Park to realize that you need to restructure.


You get the point. Schedule your next time off or time away for you, your family, and your job.


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