• Been out of blogging this week. I am trying to wake up from my dodgeball slumber and work toward the Egg Drop this weekend
  • I am gonna take some major time off next week. I haven’t had a day off or even a Saturday in three weeks.
  • Kristin and Malachi are back from Dayton…being a bachelor is loney.
  • My brother Danny and his wife Jess are here tonight.
  • My bracket is going great so far.
  • Had a cool conversation today that really got me excited about going overseas. Cambodia anyone?
  • Lindsey made me a birthday dinner tonight
  • Tomorrow is my birthday.  26 is not that big but next year when I am 27 I think I will be at the peak of my coolness.
  • I wish Duke would have lost to Belmont!
  • My sister-in-law Jenna is here tonight too. She is 14 so it is nothing but entertainment every time she talks.
  • Malachi has his first cold and I appreciate prayers.
  • I went to my favorite place Jersey Mike’s twice this week. If you haven’t been there yet, Google it and see if there is one near you.  You will never go back to Subway one you have been there.
  • I had one of “those” Wednesdays this week.  I guess that has to happen every once in a while.  I have had some students really encouraging me lately though too.
  • I got to share my faith yesterday…why don’t I everyday?

Welp I better go spend time with my company and beautiful son.  I will update after the Egg Drop early next week.


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