I am organized.  I have my shoes on a shelf in my closet, I sort things alphabetically, and I have even been known to pick up after people.  I like to think that this is how everyone should be, but lets be honest, you can still get to heaven if you don’t color code your wardrobe.  It didn’t take me long in college and dorm living to know that I would happen to overcome my personality and preferences clashing with others to make life work and be able lead. 

So how do you work with an introvert when you are an extrovert? How do you partner with another pastor who thinks that a meeting starts whenever he gets there? The answer is learning to overcome your own personality to lead.  Learning to mesh your preferences with others skill set and move toward your vision.


  1. While some things are not comfortable, they are necessary.  I have a friend who can’t talk about anything “tense” in the slightest without getting worked up and his ears turning red.  He doesn’t prefer to talk about tense subject matter or hint toward offending someone.  But he understands that sometimes confrontation needs to take place.  Sometimes evaluation and tension can be good catalysts to greatness so he pushes through the part he doesn’t like to get to his end result.
  2. Having others around not like you is a great balance.  This is nothing new, but a great reminder.  I can’t surround myself with people who are as organized as me.  If everyone was like me, my ministry would only attract people like me….how sad.
  3. Being able to see the way others lead and have success keeps you well rounded and pushes you.  To say that there is only one way to lead is to insult the creator and the way he made people.  What can you learn or borrow?
  4. Remind yourself that your job is to equip and develop people.  You may be the catalyst of change that God has sent to someone to help them learn discipline.  You might be the one who changes the way they interact with people and lead in the future.

Hope this made sense and helps some out there.  Thoughts?


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