That’s right kids, Ohio (and the whole Midwest for that matter) is being pounded with what is being billed the Blizzard of 08. It’s not safe to be on the roads and every church, community, and sports event is cancelled anyway. So here are some random things this extrovert is thinking as he begins to go stir crazy trapped in his house.
• Malachi is very cute from 1-5 every day. Outside of that, you are playing with fire.
• Maybe now would be a good time to finally do the indoor projects I have been putting off such as touching up paint?
• I hope to go sledding tomorrow with Brandon or Mike
• I wish I could watch UNC vs. Duke tonight
• I hope I remember to set my clock back tonight
• My wife and I are both still in our pajamas. Mine include a vintage Cleveland Cavs sweatshirt.
• Maybe I will finally continue the books I have on hold today (Sex God and The Creative Leader).
• My church cancelled first service and Middle Hour for Sunday on Friday night
• You know you haven’t owned a house long when you are looking forward to shoveling the driveway.
• I hope this blizzard doesn’t last long, I only have two packs of gum left and that will cause me to have a breakdown.
• Time to do something…maybe I will make more bullets as I get bored.



  1. we had baseball practice today and toyed with holding it outside…. yes it was that nice out. Maybe you should move to saint louis. Instead of shoving my drive way, I just drive on it a few times to take the snow off. That or wait a few hours until it melts.

    AIM’s a good idea too.


  2. At least today is not your Birthday. Today…on my 25th Birthday…. I am stuck inside with two cranky children and a husband who can’t sit still for 5 minutes. So what do we do? We SPRING CLEAN! Yes, that’s right… scrub from top to bottom, move the heavy furniture and clean… UGH. Maybe Spring cleaning will bring forth SPRING?!

  3. Actually you should set your clock forward tonight or you’ll be in big trouble. and yes, let’s go sledding tomorrow (hopefully i’m the mike you were talking about)

  4. you didn’t know I was so young? hmmm I don’t look older… is that what you’re saying?? jk… 😉 Hmm… you know why people come to my blog the most? Because I rock…yes, that’s right…. They see my name and say “wow, that chick must be awesome!” haha. Anyway- yes, thanks.

  5. SET YOUR CLOCK FORWARD, MARK…………..SPRING FORWARD………………..FALL BACK……….GOT IT!?!?!? love you guys!!!!

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