One of my biggest posts of all time was a listing of places to gather teaching resources and graphics from churches that open source their curriculum.  That entry is here.  

I recently have learned of two updates to give to that entry.

The first site is one that my friends are CE National have been working on for a while.  It is extensive and offers many different topics and lessons for those in youth ministry.  Check out

The second one is that has greatly improved their open source site. Check out Open.  

There is so much on this site that is literally makes me drool. Between this and there is enough to really drive a ministry. What I love is that the things offered on this site (graphics, countdown videos, intro videos) have a very professsional look and really create great atmosphere and earn respect.  My group is a growing mid-sized youth ministry so I feel the pressure of what larger groups can do and are capable of and resources like this help me pull it off on my smaller church time table and budget.  Anyone who is not using this must not know about it. 

Hopefully those in ministry reading this enjoy these sites as much as I have. 


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