I saw someone do a post about all the cars they had driven in their life and I thought it was cool so here is my version… 
It’s funny how nostalgic you can get walking down memory lane looking at the cars that have defined you.

I should let you know that I have driven many cars for periods of time. Way more cars than most, so I have only included the ones that came to define me to the world and left out the family vans, model-A’s and convertibles I got to toy around with.
The first car I owned was the 1986 “rustang” I inherited it from David when he went to college and although the two holes in the door had been patched, it was still legendary.  This car died the day I rolled it three times coming home from soccer practice my junior year.
The next car was my first truck. It was not just an 1991 F-150, it was an XLT Lariat and so it earned the nickname Lariat with my friends. It was purchased while I was on OB the summer before my senior year. It was not exactly like this one, it was nicer in face with running boards and other add-on’s. Just as the rustang was passed on to me when David went to school Danny took over the Lariat when I left for college.
The next car that came to define me in college was another truck. A 1989 F-150 Supercab. It was two tone gray and also had been patched like my past gems. I put a CD player in it and became king of the world. This truck helped me throw newly engaged people in Winona Lake and also shoot water balloons from the bed when life got boring.
The last car in my life thus far, I got just before I got married. It is the 01 Taurus and it has served me well.


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