Tonight was one of those nights that makes me love my job.  I could run off the fumes for a month.  The night was billed as the grand finale to our Love/Dating series we have been doing this month.  This night was initiated by my student leaders so I listened and trusted that sometimes they know what they want more than a balding 25 year old. 

We had no traditional lesson or 3 point sermon, just testimonies.  Honest, real, testimonies.  Some planned and others not and I was blown away.  There are times I know God is working and I see it and others I just assume.  Tonight I got to hear what God is doing in some great sharing.  It felt like we were watching God work in some as they shared and were stretched to let God bless someone with what he had taught them and brought them through.

I am so psyched to see people who are understanding that nothing can be above their love relationship with Jesus.  I didn’t move to Columbus, Ohio because I love Buckeye Football or because it is between where my wife and I grew up.  I moved here to see a movement begin of high school students reaching and impacting their peers in southern Delaware county and it is beginning.  I am so excited for the coming years and the future as a culture is developed and I get to continue to see God work and change people.  It is not about HSM or Grace Church, it is about Christ living in people and changing them .


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