• I have a son J
  • My son loves to eat
  • I am getting spoiled having my mother in law here and making me breakfast, cookies, and getting up in the morning
  • I will not be at HSM tonight.  That is not just good for me as a dad but for HSM as a whole. My goal is to always be disposable in my leadership.  If and when things depend on me being there and not missing, I have failed.  I know that Jim, Jake and everyone else will do a great job with me gone.
  • Today my wife and I are making a trip to Kroger together for a grand total of 20 minutes or so.
  • I am finally doing all the stuff around the house that needs done.  I hung a frame and mirror in Malachi’s room and picked up some other frames and a new ottoman.  I will have to post the house pictures update later.
  • Just wanted to brag that my sexy wife already got in one pair of her pre-baby “normal” jeans today
  • Many people know I have a “couples I like” frame that I have always hung in our apartment/house.  Due to lots of friends and a new house, I have purchased a new couples we like frame that has thirty five 4×6 picture spots.  If you or someone you know deserves to be in it, please email me a picture of your family.  

4 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS

  1. i may send over an updated picture of Erin and myself. did not know you still had that in such an official format…I called earlier this morning…maybe i will call again after work. cya

  2. Mark,

    Congratulations on your new son and your new house. I am impressed how together you seem to be in the midst of these two great events. Glad to hear things are going well.


  3. Oh! Do we get to be in the frame. I must say I was always rather jealous of those select few 🙂 Tell your wife I’m jealous that she’s back in those pre-baby jeans already!! Hope all is well!

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