Malachi Update

Well here is an update video I made today. I will post pics and the story later, but I already had this done to show at HSM tomorrow night in my absence.  


5 thoughts on “Malachi Update

  1. Ohhh that’s too cute!!!

    Adam watched it and said he likes your baby. haha. I told him he could meet him later and he said “we take him home?” Hmm… I think he has baby fever again, too! 🙂 haha

    He really is a cutie! Congrats, guys!!

  2. Great Video 🙂 And a handsome son … just like his … uuughhh forget it 😀

    Didn’t I tell you my stories with the diapers ? huh? huh? there you go, this is karma 😀
    I hope I see him on the track soon :D:D haha j/k

    Have fun being a father 🙂

  3. Could he look any more like Mark? Kristin, are you sure that 8.0 lber (Aric was 9.0 – sorry) was really in there … you look great! Happy, Happy Baby days – they’re the best , cause teens are smellier. Love you guys and congratulations.

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