Sorry I was gone for a few days. I was a little busy watching my first born son come into this world.  We are home and settling in today.  Here is a teaser picture for now (it is the best thus far) and tomorrow I will recount the whole story with a ton of pics.  Let me also preview the story and say that my wife is better than all other wives. Malachi Joseph Artrip, 2-9-08, 8 pounds, 18.5 inches long 



  1. Mark–he is so sweet. Congratulations to you and Kristen. Before you know it he will be terrorizing your house…just like Owen is ours! Its great! So much fun! Enjoy this time…it goes SO FAST1
    Many Blessings…
    Kim Brown

  2. He is so cute! Congrats to you both! I’m very happy for you guys! David told my dad at work today so I knew I needed to check your website! 🙂

  3. Dear Sweet Malachi,

    Welcome to the world. You are so blessed to have two of the most fun parents and a whole church family that can’t wait to love on you! Give mom and dad a kiss from all of us…and tell them to call when they’re ready for some homemade stromboli.

    In Christ, The Rochte Family

    P.S. Marina thinks you are very cute!

  4. hey mark… malachi is adorable!!!

    i love you guys and miss you guys

    and am in need of a malachi artrip meeting!!! that kid is awesome!

  5. mark!!!! your little boy is soo adorable!!! oh my goodness!!! congrats for you and kristen!!! 🙂 i hope that you all are doing well in ohio!!! i miss you guys!! xoxoxox

  6. He is beautiful, just like his mom and dad! Love the hair, but are very partial to red heads… hope to see all of you soon

    Love Uncle G and Aunt D

  7. Oh my goodness! He is so cute! Congrats on being a dad! Being a parents is so fun and crazy! It goes by really fast so enjoy when they don’t move!! 🙂
    I saw Terra and Jeremy this past weekend and we were talking about your new little one!

  8. Porker Jr. is BEAUTIFUL! (Thank goodness he looks like Kristen!) Before you know it, he’ll be saying things like, “My ‘poon boke!”
    Congrats, Mark and Wife-that’s-better-than-all-the-rest! 🙂
    Love & Long Distance Hugs,

  9. A son brings blessings and honor to his parents….among other things. He is just about the right age to put a ball in his hands! Congrats to both of you.

    Ken Shenefield

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