I don’t think anyone would argue that the secret to successful planning and shepherding is delegation.  Leaders must delegate to grow themselves and the people under them.  This is a conversation I constantly have in my head and must remind myself of that I thought I would share with you all today. Early on in my ministry, my co-worker Dustin said that while giving ministry away is the right thing to do it is always a gut check at your motives.  He went on to say that sometimes you can feel the selfish desires of “well I could have led that game better or taught that lesson a different way”.  His words have stuck with me.  It is easy to give into selfish desires and sometimes think that ministry should be bottlenecked through certain people.  The reality is that Ephesians 4:11-13  paints a pretty clear picture that as someone who works at a church full time I do not “do” ministry, I empower and administrate so the body can use their gifts and do ministry. To drive the point home, I went ahead and listed some pros and cons of delegating/empowering/equipping others. 


  1. Develops/Equips the body of Christ-Hmmmm? That almost sounds biblical
  2. Keeps you not overworked and stressed as a leader.
  3. Positions ministry for longevity
  4. Ensures that ministry is NOT built around individual gifting or personality

 Cons-These are not really negative but all seem to have a selfish motive

  1. I don’t get all the credit
  2. I don’t feel as in control
  3. Must plan in advance-poor me having to be organized.
  4. Must Shepherd and follow up after delegating-Again, poor me having to do things right.



  1. Congrats!! I can’t believe you haven’t posted something on here yet!!:). He’s adorable…and is it too soon to say he looks like an atrip?? Cause he really does.

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