Empowering People

Sunday I had my student intern teach our group.  He did a great job and when I think about his growth from the shy sophomore I met him as it has been awesome to watch.  The thing that really caught me off guard was that by his own admission he “kept his hands in his pockets too much, didn’t move around, looked at his notes, etc.”  but it has been a long time since I have seen our group that engaged.  Their was passion in his voice and even better than that he was ONE OF THEM.  You can never underestimate the potential of someone to reach their peers.  If you are in youth ministry and are not empowering students to do the ministry because you can do it better or because you are too lazy to plan and delegate than you are missing it.  Yesterday I was reminded that students are powerful in reaching other students.  Not just in teaching or doing pantomimes, but in every aspect of my ministry including teaching.


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