It’s been a while since I reported on a book I read…    

I recently finished Simply Strategic Stuff: Help for Leaders Downing in the Details of Running a Church by Tim Stevens and Tony Morgan.         

They wrote this book when they were both at Granger Community Church in Indiana.  Now the book title might make you think I am on the verge of a breakdown but don’t worry it is really just a book that helps you get better at what you do.  The book is written in 99 helpful hints that are all 1-2 pages long on easy insightful topics.         

I would highly recommend it to anyone holding a position at a church big or little for two reasons.  The first is that it is written in short little essays so it gets to the point and doesn’t bore you which is great for a short attention span like mine.  The second reason it was good is because it covers so many topics that span ministry categories (money, staffing) and also church at large stuff too.       

Here were the two biggest takeaways from the book for me…  

1) Maintain an Appropriate Span of Care

This dealt with the amount of people you can effectively oversee and shepherd well.  I was already learning this but this was the final nail that I need to put mid-level management in place to run my volunteer youth staff effectively.  They offered this insight“You are responsible for to many people if you….

  • Don’t have time to listen to them
  • Don’t have time to encourage them
  • Don’t have time to return their phone calls and emails
  • Don’t have time to pray for them
  • Don’t know their kids and pets names
  • Don’t have time in your schedule to meet with each of them on a regular basis (for some that may be necessary daily: for others, weekly: and for others twice a month).
  • Don’t’ have time to talk about life and hobbies because you’re always talking business.”

  “Everyone in your span of care needs you to give T.I.M.E. to them.  That is you should Touch, Inspire, Motivate, and Encouarage….Decide to delegate Authority so you can lead with strength and health.”  

2) Watch the 3 Lids

They said that churches usually overlook or ignore three very important areas; Parking, Children, and Seats. To keep a church growing and on vision you have to address the lids that are holding you back.  As soon as you address one it will present others.   

“If you aren’t able to address these lids on a continual basis your church will eventually stop growing.” 

(The authors blogs are linked to the right)



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