My Grace Church homie and Zondervan author Kary Oberbrunner and I are traveling to Catalyst in October because we have never been to it and are both tired of missing out.  For what it is worth I am driving my church’s van and want to fill it with people who want to make it a fun, memorable, learning experience.  So if you want to go, gimme a holla.

I thought I would write list a quick list of people I wouldn’t mind meeting if they were there…in no particular order!

1. Andy Stanley 

2. Francis Chan

3. Steven Furtick

4. Gary Lamb

5. Tony Morgan 

6. Carlos Whitaker 

7. Corey Mann

8. Tim Stevens

9. Joshua Griffin

10. Tad Grandstaff

11. Tim Schmoyer

12. Michael Lukaszewski

I am too lazy to link to them all tonight since I am still not feeling good but google their names if you want. They all blog and that is why I want to meet them because they speak into me weekly! 



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