Well kids I’m back!  I haven’t been posting much and haven’t even had internet for 5 days at my house (haven’t been at the church much either).  Three weeks ago we took possession of our new house.  The busy ministry lifestyle along with the Kalahari retreat made it take forever to get it painted and prepped to move in.  Finally this past Friday my amazing wife said it was go time and so we called our amazing small group who showed up with 3 trucks and moved us in one night.  A few odd trips later we find ourselves with everything in the house.  I just have to sort through the pile of boxes in the front room and make it so both cars can fit in the garage.  I will put some pics up once my wife says it looks good enough and I am allowed.  Better do it soon or I will be putting up baby pics in the same post.  We are only 3 weeks away from the estimated birth of Malachi!  Thanks for the patience during my lack of posting and the love to ask where I was….I didn’t fall off the face of the Earth I was just moving.  Stat tuned this week for some great posts I have been saving up!


4 thoughts on “WHAT HAPPENED TO MARK?

  1. wow…you know your loved when it’s only been a week and people begin to freak that you haven’t updated, and they’re speculating that you fell off the face of the earth or fell in the toliet or accidentally suffocated or something like that!
    so all that said…way to go on being so popular! 🙂

  2. Good luck clearing out the garage…I’m still not in ours yet. It seems that the extra storage is more necessary than I thought, that combined with the deception of 2 car garages. I feel that 2 car garages are more like 2 golf-cart garages. With two cars inside, i’m not even sure if I could fit my lawn mower in.

    And from the “i’m too lazy to make a seperate post” department…I’d like to go to Catalyst. I’ve been there twice but it’s been 2-3 years since and I’d like to get back. I need it.

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