I stole this from idea from Scott Distler on his blog


I am in youth ministry as a career.  I do this because I believe in investing people who will shape the future, but I also do this because many people invested in me believing the same.  I was thinking about that last night as I went to bed and decided to relay the thought.


  1. OJ Schmeltzer-OJ was the guy in my church who built up the Middle School ministry that fed into the youth group.  In between youth pastors at a small church things could collapse but he bridged that gap a couple times.
  2. Jason Haymaker-The first youth pastor I ever had.  The man was like a rockstar to me.  Some kids wanted to be Michael Jordan, not me just Jason Haymaker.
  3. Jim Zidan-Jim was my second youth pastor and the one I really gelled with as I decided to go into ministry.  He saw gifts in me and affirmed me before I saw it in myself.
  4. Ty Propp-Ty showed me humility and a servants heart at a time when I was being formed and an arrogant idiot at heartJ
  5. Stewart and Jody Workman-I stayed with them my summer I interned at Wooster Grace.  They taught me the body of Christ by asking me what I was learning and going through and than praying with me.
  6. Josh Kuck-Josh Kuck taught me to be a man and confronted me when I needed a kick in the pants during my Wooster internship. I will never forget it.
  7. Nick Cleveland-I interned under Nick at Wooster also, but he continues to invest in me and teach me as he learns.
  8. Timothy Kurtaneck-TK took a dumb freshmen and taught me leadership from a book, in real life, and than gave me every opportunity under the sun.
  9. Rick Nuzum-If this guy wasn’t someone I could learn a ton from I wouldn’t be at Grace Church.  He has modeled a shepherd’s heart to me and how to care for people when they don’t even know what they need or why.
  10. Kary Oberbrunner-Kary will soon become my workout partner but first he was the man who transitioned me into ministry and continues to push me through conversation
  11. Sean Spoelstra-He and his wife has taken Kristin and I under their wings in our time here.  He has taught me how to maintain life, ministry, marriage, and do it all excellent and with all your heart.
  12. Jim Heffner-The #1 Stunna, the man who makes HSM move, the one I will hand it all to in a month when I am a dad.  This guys keeps me energized and excited about what we are doing.


Well that is the list, I am sure I forgot someone and will hurt their feelings.  I am not trying to be a jerk.  So what about you? Who has impacted your life? Who made you believe in ministry?



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