Highlights of 2007


  1. Having a son!-Ok so we didn’t actually have the boy yet, but I couldn’t name it making a sonJ.  Anyway, I am so excited to have Malachi here and just be able to see him, and hold him, and sing to him.
  2. Launching HSM and our new space-After being in Powell for 18 months I waited out being the new guy and studied and planned to enter what I feel has been a new phase and next level in our ministry.
  3. Starting this blog!  Not to sound self centered but I love writing on here and it has helped me connect with some awesome ministry minded people and trade thoughts and learn so much.
  4. Getting a new sister-My brother Danny got married in July and I got a great sister out of the deal.
  5. Winning the bid for our house-Yeah I know I won’t close until 2008 but winning the bid for our place in November was a sweet highlight for me.
  6. I actually write out my goals for 1, 5, and 10 years ahead.  As I looked at my goals for 2007 I was able to accomplish many including working out around 4 times a week and staying under 200 pounds, being involved in soccer.


Speaking of Goals for 2008 here are ones worth mentioning that you can hold me accountable to…


  1. To go through the licensure process
  2. To read the whole Bible.  I started today with Matthew 1-4
  3. To write and record enough songs to make an EP or at least make me feel fulfilled musically.
  4. I know numbers aren’t all ministry is about but to make sure I accomplish my church vision of reaching and growing in HSM I want to see…


-100 students attending Wednesday nights

-20 first time decisions for Christ

-65 students connecting in small groups

-35 adults serving on HSM staff

-50 Students on Summer ministry trips

-3 students enter into full-time ministry

-Guide our worship and band to new heights

-See 50 Students serving through Serve Saturdays and church ministry


  1. Meeting with someone my age, someone younger, and someone older than me
  2. Re-do the roof and landscaping at my new house
  3. Go on my pre-planned vacation to Atlanta, North Carolina, and Nashville.
  4. Passionately Pursue my wife more than ever-with a baby, house,  and new life on the way I don’t want to drop off on date nights or romance. 


Feel free to ask me anytime you see me or stop by here how I am doing on any of these, including the one about my wife!


One thought on “2007 RECAP AND 2008 GOALS

  1. Congrats on the house and all the other exciting things in 2007 Mark. I’m praying for you guys. Hope all is well and you’re enjoying the new place! And yes, the vacation to the South needs to happen in ’08! The guest bedroom is open anytime you guys want to make the trip.

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