As promised here are some observations I made and things I was reminded of from my new Justin Timberlake DVD that relate to leading and inspiring people in a large group programmed setting.  He has a captive audience just like the church.  Sure our people don’t pay $55 a seat but they did choose to come so we at least have that going for us…


  1. People like to be lead….to participate and be involved-Justin all throughout the night was telling people what part to sing, what arm motion to do, what there part in the show was and they responded with pure joy
  2. People like to be entertained-Justin had 24 people (himself, 9 band members, 10 dancers, and 4 backup singers) on the stage doing there thing all night moving around and making sure at all times that those closest to them felt engaged.  There is something to be said that he rarely went for the “I am good enough on my own to keep everyone interested” approach that most speakers do.  The dancing, singers, and band added layers that most church music doesn’t even have.
  3. People want to feel that they had an experience-Justin at the end of the night talked to the crowd and had a family time almost recapping where they had been and thanking them for their involvement.  It was genius because not only did he create an experience but he gave people mental ownership that they could feel proud and even re-tell to friends.
  4. People are made to worship-I am always struck by this when I go to a concert and this was no different.  When we saw Tim McGraw it literally broke my heart to see a man raise his hands, close his eyes, and sing back to Tim as if he deserved it.  People were made to worship God and try to fill it with whatever is it front of them…they have the need but we have to point them to Jesus.



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