I knew I would love Andy Stanley’s final session from Catalyst this past year.  I read like 5 amazing posts about it the day after he spoke to close the conference this year.  I got the audio today and listened to it in the car on the ride up to Wooster and wow it just kicked my butt.Simply put he said that your systems that are in place are getting exactly the results they are designed to get.  If your ministry is failing it is not because you need a bigger budget it is because your systems have steered it wrongly and maybe even rewarded failure.If your people always show up late, you have a system that is pushing them toward that result.  If your people have never worshipped it is because you have system that has never pushed them to that result.Andy said that people always want to say “my people won’t respond to that” or “I wish our ministry could do that” and the reality is that it could if you would produce the system.    You are getting the results your system is designed to produce.  It is not people, staff, budget, or lack or abundance of anything, it is the system.  As someone who designs, tweaks, oversees, and champions a system it was a good chance to look in the mirror and see what I have produced and rewarded and why.


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