TV Strike

I am watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno…and althought it seems the same, this is not any normal episode. They are talking about an entertainer’s strike (The Actors strike of 1980), How bad President Bush has made things (George Bush Sr.) and How Clinton is going to win the White House (Bill Clinton)They are showing an episode from June 29, 1992…This has made me realize that I don’t mind the writers strike anymore.  I am digging this old episode stuff. Here are my observations.1) I am 10 years old in 19922) A young Tom Hanks reminds me even more of Dave Nicodemus than present day3) Jay seems weird, almost like the caricatures that people portray of him now 4) It is easy to see that NBC and Jay had not hit their stride yet. From Branford Marsalis being boring and energy being non-existent to the set looking like Johnny Carson’s leftovers it is not the show I have come to love.


2 thoughts on “TV Strike

  1. interesting…on a lazy Christmas night I am perusing your blog from a month ago and surprise. There I am. I had almost forgotten that you had told me that I remind you of him/ he reminds you of me. Tell me again what it is…I’m not sure I see it. Anyway, I do feel that I do a fairly good Forrest Gump…but who can’t.

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