Pregnant Wife and other updates

• This week we are house sitting for our friends the Schumm’s. They are also pregnant and are one of the couples (depnding if they have a girl) who will be competing for the arranged marriage to our son. They will have to fight it out with the Beckleys and Tobymac. I will provide a pic of Kyle’s man room later in the week. It is the pinnacle of sports collectibles. In one corner there are like 13 Pete Rose autographs and in another 9 Mickey Mantle’s.• Today is my mom’s birthday. To anyone reading this, she is cooler than your mom and can also beat her in basketball.HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!• Here is a pic of my lovely wife showing off her growing belly and lovely eyes!Wife• I am DJing a party tonight. That’s right my hobby is keeping it hip hop on the weekends at weddings and parties. Hit me up if you want some music.• Maybe this isn’t that cool….but I think it is. I was just watching some random college football game (Cincinnatti vs. South Florida) and I hear “Jake Rogers a freshmen out of Warsaw, IN for the extra point.” Suddenly I realize that I used to be Jake’s small group leader. I had heard he was gonna kick for the football team the year we left Indiana…looks like it went pretty well:) Check him out here.


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