The Bachelor

Long time followers of my blog know that my wife watches the bachelor like she needs it to get into heaven. Long time followers of my blog will also know that I like to tease her and mock the show and its subculture.As tradition would have I am sitting here blogging while she asks why I am not watching.So far the dumbest line a girl has said to the guy is “they told me you would be hot but I didn’t think I would need a fire extinguisher.” Are you kidding me? How is this on TV. Here we go for another season, bring it on ABC!


3 thoughts on “The Bachelor

  1. Tell her I will watch it with her! My best friend (who is in South Carolina) and I are watching it together, right now, and talking about it on AIM. lol US women are pathetic.

  2. Did Kris tell you that I didn’t get to see it. You see, I’m not a big watcher either…but Kris loves to talk about it so I watch so we can converse. Well she told me that this year he was really hot….and HE IS!! So I tivo-ed it and was going to watch it when I realized that the time on my tivo was waaaay off. So I asked Anthony how to change the time. He looked at it and decided that the only way to reset the time was to reset the entire unit….half way in, he says to me, boy I hope that your shows don’t get erased. Welllllll, it did!! and I wasn’t very happy because I was all snuggled into bed and ready to watch and fast forward through the commercials for easy viewing….and then in an instance, it was all gone. So I hope to catch it this coming week and I know you’re looking forward to more cheesy lines to talk about. =)

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