Our high school ministry changes gears for the summer and doesn’t have our traditional Wednesday night and Sunday morning options. This gives me much more time to dream and plan to the future and next fall (which is good considering I will be only home for 6 days in July courtesy of summer trips/conferences). Anyway here is a random list of things I am praying and thinking toward for next year as our ministry grows and gains momentum.

What does a leadership development program look like for us?
What can we do better than anyone else and build upon? Not in a selfish way, but what are our strengths?
Gathering new and returning adult staff.
Can I speak at my best if I am doing it more than once a week?
How can I best untilize our new youth basement that should be done around July 15?
We have two pronged programming…
Sunday Middle Hour stresses a core time of growth featuring small groups…what has to happen in that time?
Wednesday Night stresses reaching new people. What has to happen in this time to make it effective?

There are many more, but if anyone has any advice, ideas, or thoughts feel free to share……..


1 thought on “Dreaming…

  1. Ooh! I am a dreamer myself and could/do spend my days dreaming of all sorts of things. Don’t have much to comment on your thoughts at the moment. Just letting you know I care and read your blog. I wrote three times in the last few days on mine, so now you can keep reading. 🙂

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