A little about me…

borrowed from Scott Distler’s blog I thought I would give a few of my favorite things today!

Sport: Basketball
Baseball Team: Cleveland Indians
Football Team: Cleveland Browns
Basketball Team: Cleveland Cavaliers
College Team: The Ohio State Buckeyes
Bird: Blue Jay
State: Tennessee…but I have love for Cali and Georgia
Radio Station: Top 40 with a leaning toward hip hop…..107.5 or 97.9 in Columbus
Current Television Drama: Shark
Classic Sitcom: I Love Lucy
Trip: Los Angeles
Sandwich: Jersey Mike’s Classic Supreme
Spiritual Hero: I know people will laugh, but TobyMacis my boy:)
Television Preacher: I like to watch Ed Young on youtube, does that count?
Author: John Maxwell
American President: I went to W’s first innaguration so I always feel a connection with him.
Event in American History: Underground Railroad
Bible Character: Paul
Hobby: Caring about pop culture way to much
Day Off Activity: Sleeping in
Soda: It’s called pop and I drink it much
Landmark: Southern most point Buoy in Key West
Cereal: Raisin Bran…the healthy kind from Trader Joe’s
Candy Bar: Peanut Butter M&M’s
Holiday: Christmas…is there any other?
Flavor of Ice Cream or Milk Shake: Pumpkin
Salad Dressing: Caesar
Salad Bar Item: Ham cubes
Childhood Memory: Playing with the family band and going to church camp
Place to think: with my Macbook in my hands reading ministry blogs
Season: Fall…it’s what pale people prefer
Pie: Strawberry
Vegetable: green beans
Hot Drink: I don’t like hot drinks and hate coffee so I guess hot chocolate
Movie of All Time: Revenge of the Nerds…made for TV version
Day of the Week: Sunday
Collection: Pop culture things that will someday build my “Applebees basment”
Coffee: Already said I hate it. I usually get something resembling a milkshake at Starbucks
Bible Verse: Romans 8:38-39
Cake: Texas Sheet
News Source: MTV.com/news
Person: My wife


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