A look Back

I saw this on another blog so I decided to steal it and take a look back over the years…

Age 3:
Where Was I?
Sterling, Ohio
Favorite Article of Clothing?
Cowboy boots
Thing That Scared the Crap Out of Me?
Favorite Pastime?
I was three

Age 13:
Where Was I?
Sterling, Ohio
Favorite Article of Clothing?
These two plaid shirts that the cheerleaders always asked to borrow
Who Did I Have a Crush On?
Katie Pamer, I think it was a rule you had to like the cool cheerleader in 7th grade.
What Did I Think I Would Be When I Grew Up?
I didn’t really know. I think I wanted to make money and always said architect or doctor without even knowing what that meant…….And of course in the back of my mind I wanted to be asked to join DC Talk.

Age 23:
Where Was I?
Winona Lake, Indiana
Favorite Article of Clothing?
Old Navy hoodie
Did I Really Think My Hair Looked Good Like That?
Well since I still have the same cut and facial hair I sure hope so.
What Food Did I Encounter For the First Time?
Wassel at the Brumbaugh family get-togethers


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