The Launch

Well I have been test driving the blog for a while and am now ready to launch. I just bought my .com. I have wanted to do that for 5 years but never really knew where to go with it. Luckily for me with my name I was not in danger of someone else stealing it, so instead of parking the domain for $9 a year I took the chance and let it ride.

Anyway, I am hoping to really embrace this thing, write some articles, get some links, and get some RSS subscribers. All that to contribute to the community I have found and love in blogs. We will see what happens.


1 thought on “The Launch

  1. You are the man Mark. It is a blessing working with you. I am glad that you have “taken” over where I left off. And you are doing great at it. God has gifted you for the job. Thanks.

    Now you can change your church to “Grace” Church (on the right). 🙂

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