Reading (past, present, and future)

Tim Wright who recently became a .com owner like me had a post asking top three must reads and next reads. I am gonna expand that also and add my just reads to round out the list.
You can probably figure these out from my pages above on books I have read and hope to.

21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell
The 7 Effective Practices of Effective Ministry-Andy Stanley
The Connecting Church-Randy Frazee

Breakout Churches-Thom Rainer
Simple Church-Thom Rainer
How to Lead and Still Have a Life-H. Dale Burke

Communicating for a change-Andy Stanley
The Creative Leader-Ed Young
The Big Idea-Dave & John Ferguson


3 thoughts on “Reading (past, present, and future)

  1. Hello Mark!

    How are you & Kristin doing? I see that you’ve read the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell and I’m reading right now too! One of my teachers reccommended it to me and I think that it’s great! Every leader should read it. I hope all things are going well for you. Have a great week!

    Alyssa Westfall

  2. mark! a new car and a new computer? jeez o petes. ridiculous.
    hey sefton and i are coming to columbus (well just outside) for wolfert and nathanel smith’s wedding. maybe we can see you guys? i’ll give you a call. otherwise, guess we’ll see you in waynesboro.

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